The Big Idea?


The world is busy. We are constantly learning and keeping track of new information sorted in every corner of our brain. So, what happens to your childhood memories? They get a little hazy. To help people remember the funny, quirky and nostalgic memories of their childhood, we asked them to recreate them.  

Started out with a series of print ads

updated polaroid 2.png
updated polaroid.png

We made the campaign interactive by expanding into social media

On Twitter, the audience is able to submit their very own photo recreations to be considered for the #ThrowbackCampaign

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Funny Snapchat Filters

These Snapchat filters allow you to get in on a funny family photo, relive these memories and make even more along the way.

We adapted the idea for Instagram and localized content for Chicago

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Bringing everything 90s to a pop up bar/restaurant near you. Sponsored by Polaroid, customers will be encouraged to dress in their favorite 90s clothes while listening to throwback music and watching their favorite old shows.

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