• Alyssa Collins

Rogers Park Gets Spiritual

You could say spirits were elevated or maybe that was just the rush of endorphins after an intense yoga class.

From downward dog to upward dog to child’s pose and more, North Loft Yoga held their first ever yoga class on Oct. 21, when leaders Emily Brown and Camille Beauregard organized a Halloween themed class to debut the Rogers Park space.

Maria Spanos and Audrey Schwegal who co-own North Loft Yoga, asked Brown and Beauregard to lead the event as a way to promote their new studio.

“I wanted to make yoga more accessible to every day folks,” said Spanos. “I want to build a community where people can come together and have space to move and feel free.”

At promptly 11:45 a.m., Halloween themed music, festive drinks and pumpkin spiced donuts welcomed guests into the cozy space. To the right of the room, a bin of brightly colored yoga mats sat next to a wall of cubbies where attendees placed water bottles, shoes and cell phones. To the left, a large butterfly was painted on the wall.

As the class began, guests grabbed mats from the bin and aligned themselves on the dark wooden floor facing the wall of mirrors. Incense was burning next to a bright yellow mat in front of the room where Brown and Beauregard would demonstrate poses. This is also where the oracle card readings would ensue following the event.

“I really like to teach yoga classes and she’s [Beauregard] really into the oracle cards, so we thought that it would be really fun,” said Brown who dedicates her time to teaching at least three yoga classes a week.

Because the event was centered around Halloween, the class revolved around fear. Beauregard explained that everyone needs to accept fear in order to live life to the fullest. She instructed the room to take a deep breath in and exhale the fears away.

“Everyone is afraid, but the only thing you have to fear is fear itself,” Beauregard reiterated throughout the class.

The room was filled with positivity and clarity following the 45 minute yoga session as groups and couples gathered around the room to reflect on the class. The 20 or so people who attended this event were mainly friends of the owners or organizers.

“I wanted to check out the space because I know Audrey and Maria,” said attendee Eva Giselle. “I also wanted to support Camille in her event.”

After the yoga portion had finished, it was time for the oracle card readings. Guests cleaned and rolled up their mats, fetched a caramel apple drink or a pumpkin spiced donut and found their way back to the group. Everyone gathered in a half circle around the yellow mat where Beauregard sat cross legged with a deck of cards, tea light candles and a salt rock. On by one, she asked a volunteer to approach the mat, light a candle and place it into the salt rock. Volunteers shuffled the deck of cards to ensure their energy was present in them. Beauregard fanned out the deck as the volunteer chose three cards.

While some of the guests voiced their questions or intentions out loud, many kept their thoughts to themselves. Beauregard read the cards and gathered her interpretations of the reading. The room was calm and respectful.

“I really believe in those things,” Beauregard said. “I grew up Catholic so it’s kind of against the rules to do horoscopes, but I think being spiritual and allowing yourself to know that there are greater things out there than you is really important.”

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